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TIPS TO START YOU OFF with gradebook:

  • If you end up with all or many of your students in one gradebook, it’s because you selected multiple sections in one period’s gradebook. You can only use this “multiple selection” option when the sections are within the same period and semester. If you accidentally did this, let me know. We can fix it, but don’t wait until you’ve added assignments. It’s much harder to fix later.

  • The correct order of gradebook setup is:
    1. Edit Gradebooks > Add new gradebook for each period
    2. Enters/Leaves > Add new students
    3. Link gradebooks that will have same exact assignments/grading scale
    4. Create Assignment Types (10% participation, 20% classwork, etc.)
    5. THEN create new Assignments

Generating/Printing Grade Reports

  1. In the Gradebook menu, select Assignments by Student.
  2. Select the period and printing options you want. Click Next. 
  3. Choose the assignments and students or leave alone to select all. Click Preview Report. 
  4. Click the Printer icon in your Internet explorer toolbar. 
  5. Repeat for all class periods.

How to print your entire Gradebook: 

  1. Go to your Gradebook and under reports select Gradebook summary. 
  2. Click the “show assignment key” box and make sure that all assignments are highlighted. Make sure show percentage and mark boxes are selected. Make sure all assignment types are highlighted also. 
  3. Click on preview report and print. 
  4. Repeat for each of your class periods.