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Club meetings are Monday and Friday after school in room 510.
Membership is open to all who attend meetings.


We the students of Rancho Verde High School would like to establish an engineering club in order to improve our basic skills and understanding of engineering.


Each office will be held for a whole school year. All officers must be here at least once a week in order to not get elected out of leadership by other officers and must show interest in the club.

Officers are elected based on prior experience with the position and will have to give a speech on why they would like to be given that position as well as be interviewed by other officers. They would then be elected by other members of the club during the beginning of the year and will be in office for the remainder of the year.


  1. Try to attend all meetings
  2. Must participate in projects
  3. Don't disrespect other club members
  4. Use materials and tools properly
  5. Stay on task

For more information, contact the club advisor Mr. Cox at

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