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How to form a club...

about 1 year ago

Attention RVHS Students! 

Are you interested in starting a club on campus? Here’s how to get started! 

1. Think about what you want your club to focus on (a common interest-sports, dance, video games, crafting, etc.) 

2. Have at least 4 friends interested in supporting and maintaining the club 

3. Together, come up with a mission statement for your club and what it’s purpose it (for example: Community service, to create a space where RVHS students interested in gaming can come together in a safe environment to talk about the newest games, etc.) 

4. Discuss and propose how frequently you would like your club to meet and on which days of the week/times. 

5. Submit your proposed Club Name, Mission Statement/Club purpose, proposed meeting dates/times and list of students (first and last names including current grade in HS) to Mrs. Aguirre, the Activities Director at: 

6. Once Mrs. Aguirre has given you initial approval for your club idea via e-mail, actively scout out a teacher that you connect with that will agree to be your club advisor (please be sure to discuss your preferred meeting dates and times to make sure that the teacher is available to serve as your club advisor. 

7. Once you find a teacher that agrees to advise your club please have him/her e-mail Mrs. Aguirre so that they can receive training and the official documents to start a club. 

8. If you are unsuccessful finding a club advisor on your own, please e-mail Mrs. Aguirre and she will then fly the information for your proposed club via e-mail to assist you in finding an advisor.