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Computer Access

about 1 year ago

All students at Rancho Verde High School have access to a computer account to be used on all student computers on campus.

Our campus offers:

  • One computer lab for teachers to take students during instructional time.
  • Library computers for student use, before school, lunches, and after school.
  • College & Career Center computers for college-and-career-related research and resources.
  • 23 carts of Google Chromebooks for teachers to check out and use during instructional time.

How to use your student computer account:

1. Complete a Student User Agreement. It must be signed by both you AND your PARENT/GUARDIAN.

2. Submit form to Ms. Crozier in the Guidance Office, before school, lunch, or after school. After your network agreement is processed, obtain an ID card printed with the "N" code to indicate that you have submitted the "N"etwork agreement.

3. Your account will be activated and ready to use within 24 hours of submitting the form.

4. To log on to any school computer you will need a username & password.

Your username will always be: 
your first name + . + first three letters of your last name + birth month + birth day

Example: John Smith, DOB: 5/23/96 --------> username: john.smi0523

Your password will always be: 
the entire 10 digits of your permanent ID number