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  • Woah! The #RunforMicah shirts are at Marion Military Institute in Alabama! Shout out to alumni Adrian Lopez for showing your support and being first to get your shirt sweaty! #mmi #marionmilitaryinstitute #alumni #sweat
  • Proud of our new team Dad! What should Robert name him? #teamdad #newdad
  • 2019 Week 19 Schedule!
  • Shout out to our Inland Empire Challenge #runnersofthemeet Alycia English and David Gonzalez! Alycia came in 2nd for our girls varsity team. Her splits were 6:42, 6:58, and 7:32 to finish with a time of 21:12.5. She came in 25th out of 88 girls in the...
  • Shout out to Coach Ana for finishing 2nd overall for women in the Temecula Half Marathon! #halfmarathon #fitcoach
  • Congratulations to Alycia for making the top 15 list for juniors at the Inland Empire Challenge! #glenhelen #iechallenge #xc #crosscountry #run #running #runner
  • Inland Empire Challenge released their performance lists for grade levels by county. Congratulations Kim! #glenhelen #iechallenge #inlandempirechallenge #xc #crosscountry #run #running #runner
  • Some of you missed 5AM, so I hope you ran 5-7 miles on your own after school and can show evidence of it. Otherwise, you will have lots of fun at practice tomorrow :-) #burpeelap
  • More shout outs for our tank Kimberly Lima who placed 1st this past Saturday in MS (D2-3)Jay Hammer Girls Varsity Race. Kim’s splits were 6:00, 6:12, and 6:51 to finish with a time of 19:03.3 and place 1/88. She was the fastest senior in Riverside Co...
  • Congratulations to Kimberly Lima for earning #runneroftheweek for Week 17!
  • 2019 Week 18 Schedule!
  • #Repost @number1_soccer_mom ・・・ Hey! Did you run in the PERRIS VALLEY XC SHOWDOWN? Hundreds of previews are available for you to view. Message me to access the previews link and to place your photo order. 🏃🏻‍♀️ 🏃🏻 *** PLEASE SHA...
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