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The Rancho Verde Language Acquisition Program, formerly known as the English Learner Program, serves students that speak or have spoken a language other than English and require additional academic and Socio-Emotional Learning support. Students from Newcomers to the United States to Long-Term English Learners or L-TELs, (students that have been receiving services for five or more years).

Newcomers take classes aimed at preparing them to participate in English Mainstream courses in all subjects. They take A_G coursework with the goal of graduating as soon as possible. They have Pre-AP English 9, and a yearly required English course each year, as well as other core courses with Bilingual Aide support. They are in a focused Newcomer intervention called Introduction to Advanced Academic Language 1, 2 and 3. The initial year is Intro to AAL 1-2, and a second year they are enrolled in Intro to AAL 3. After two years, they are placed in Advanced Academic Language with L-TELs.

Long-Term English learners are placed in grade level English courses as well as Advanced Academic Language 9, 10, 11, or 12. These courses are interventions aimed at improving students reading and comprehension skills, as well as supporting the mainstream courses of each student.

Students receive intervention courses and support until they meet the Reclassification criteria as set by the Val Verde Unified School District. Rancho Verde High School and the VVUSD have done an exceptional job or exiting prepared students and supporting them once they have exited the Language Acquisition Program.

Students that earn Reclassification as a Fluent English Proficient also earn a recognition during the RVHS Seal of Multiliteracy ceremony. Students are awarded a certificate and a medal to wear at graduation.

LA Staff

3 months ago

Gary Lopez - Language Acquisition Director