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Program Directors

about 1 month ago

First Sergeant - Darryl Willingham

First Sergeant Willingham is a passionate instructor that teaches the concept of W.O.O

  • -World class Air Force JROTC students
  • -Outstanding young man and women in the community and home
  • -Outstanding respectful students 

First Sergeant Willingham will hold you accountable for your decisions and hold himself accountable as well. He uses team building, discipline and motivation that empowers our Rancho Verde JROTC cadets to reach their goals for the future. First Sergeant Willingham teaches the whole person concept, as well as, visits your other classes if your grades are not where they need to be for the program. 

His education includes: 

  • Associates Degree in Construction Technology
  • Associates Degree in Human Resources
  • Bachelors of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership
  • Master’s Degree in Organizational LeadershipStudies
  • Including multilevel certifications, teachers credentials and above all,he Keeps It Real.

Chain of Command

about 1 month ago

National Chain Of Command

  • President of the United States - Honorable Donald J. Trump
  • Vice President Of The United States - Honorable Mike Pence
  • Secretary Of Defense - Honorable Mark Esper
  • Chairman Joint Chief Of Staff - General David L. Goldfein
  • Secretary Of The Air Force - Honorable Barbara M. Barrett
  • Commander Aire Education Train Of Command - Lt. General Marshall B Webb
  • Commander Air University - Lt. General Anthony J. Cotton
  • Director Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps - Col. Stephen T. Sanders
  • Chief Master Sergeant Of The Air Force - Chief Master Sergeant Kaleth O. Write

CA-932 Chain Of Command

  • Aerospace Science Instructor - 1st Sergeant Willingham, Darryl
  • Wing Commander - C/Tran, Keoliani
  • Wing Executive - C/ Murillo, Nadia
  • Operations Commander - C/ Bautista, Eduardo
  • Logistic Commander - C/ Quintanar, Aaron