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School Attendance: The Path To The Future by Dr. Gary Roughton

over 2 years ago


School Attendance: The Path To The Future

Presented By
Dr. Gary Roughton
Director Child Welfare and Attendance/Student Services
Val Verde Unified School District

The California Constitution provides every child with the fundamental right to an elementary, middle and high school education. It is our law.

California is facing an attendance crisis, with dire consequences for our economy, our safety and our children.

Clearly, school attendance has real economic costs for school districts throughout California. The cost of chronic absences, especially elementary school students is much larger and widespread. It is felt in the loss of future opportunities for students who absences cause disengagement from school eventually leading to dropping out of school.

The Attendance Crisis

-Nationwide, approximately 1 in 10 kindergarten and first grade students miss a month of school each year due to absences.
-More than 250,000 elementary school students in California are estimated to miss 10% or more of the school year.
-Almost 83,000 California elementary school students have more than 3 weeks of unexcused absences.
-20,000 California elementary school students miss 36 days or more of school in a year.
-29.6% of California elementary students were truant in the 2011-2012 school year- which is equal to 982,352 truant students.

What is an excused absence?
-Illness (Notify school by 9 a.m.)
-Doctor’s appointment
-Bereavement (1 days in state/3 out of state)
-3 days a year for religious observances
-If student has to appear in court

What’s The Cost?

The fiscal and economic impacts of truancy are equally distressing. According to “In School and On Track” The Attorney General’s report on California’s elementary school truancy and absenteeism crisis, school districts lose $1.4 billion per year by failing to get students to school because school funding is based on student attendance rates. The cost to the state is far greater. Factoring in the cost of incarceration and lost economic productivity and tax revenues, dropouts cost California an estimated $46.4 billion per year.

Truancy is against the law. California’s Compulsory Education Law requires every child from age 6 to 18 to be in school- on time, every day.

The Good News!

The law also requires that schools and districts track student's attendance, notify parents when their students miss school, and attempt to work with families to improve attendance. The high rate of truancy in California is an issue of accountability that the Department of Justice will prioritize, and must be prioritized at every level of education and law enforcement. Our laws and our state’s future demand no less.

According to published statistics, Val Verde USD has the most productive SARB(School Attendance Review Board) process in Riverside County.

Last year Val Verde had the lowest truancy rate in Riverside County at 10%. Far below the state average.

Val Verde also had the highest graduation rate in Riverside County.

“Achievement begins with attendance”. Improved test scores and increased graduation results all begin when students are in class, on task and ready to learn. By improving our attendance rates we have seen many by-products such as: happy and socially confident students, increased self- esteem, a decrease in discipline incidents and increased ADA revenue.

For more information about these policies, click here.

Track and Field - 2018 Update

over 2 years ago


On Tuesday, May 1, our Track and Field team competed in the Inland Valley League Finals. Head Coach Tim Callier led the team to another great season, with the boys again claiming the League Championship by finishing with a record of 5-0. The girls' team repeated their performance from last year, finishing the season as the runner-ups with a record of 4-1.

The weather at the meet was a brisk 51 degrees with a slight rain and wind. Arlington, Canyon Springs, JW North, Riverside Poly, and Valley View were hosted by Rancho at the League Finals. Finished Results timing helped provide results for the meet. Athletes who placed in the top 3 for their respective events, as well as met a minimum qualifying mark for CIF, will advance to pre-lims. Athletes who placed in 2nd and 3rd earned a medal for their performance, while those finishing first earned a patch declaring them the league champ in their event.

The names of the Rancho athletes who finished in the top 3 are listed below, with those marked with an (*) if they qualified for CIF.

Boys 4x100-(C.Johnson/J.Simpson/J.Richard-Lewis/T.Smith) 1st*

Girls 4x100 -(D.Swift/D.Jackson/ D.Whitaker/J.Weems) 2nd*

1600 Girls K.Lima 3rd

1600 Boys H.Gonzalez 1st* and L.Orozco 2nd

100H K.Stewart 2nd and A.Willis 3rd

110H G.McKenzie 2nd

Girls 400 D.Whitaker 2nd*

Boys 400 T.Smith 1st* and A.Mckinney 3rd*

Boys 100 C.Johnson 2nd* and J.Simpson 3rd*

Girls 300H A.Sanduku 2nd

Boys 300H J.Weems 1st* and G.McKenzie 2nd*

Boys 200 C.Johnson 1st*

Girls 3200 K.Lima 1st*

4x400 (H.Gonzalez/J.Simpson/ T.Simth/C.Johnson) 1st*

Girls LJ S.Lattimore 2nd*

Boys LJ A.Russell 1st*

Girls TJ J.Weems 2nd*

Girls HJ S.Lattimore 2nd*

Boys HJ K.Barnes 1st*

Girls SP Z.Levi 1st* and J.Welch 2nd

Official Results for the meet can be found here.

Rancho Verde High School

  17750 Lasselle Street, Moreno Valley, CA 92551 | Phone (951) 490-4680 | Fax (951) 490-4685


Golf - 2018 Update

over 2 years ago

Congratulation to our Golf team for completing another season. The team is building toward success. This year Adrian Marin and David Ramirez represented the school at League Finals. Pictured are Coach Aeschliman, Angel Z, David O, Adrian R., Aaron Q., David R., and Coach Gomez.

They finished the season 3-9 in League and 4-10 overall. 

At League Finals, Adrian scored a 130 and David scored a 57 on the front 9 before being injured. David will seek to return next year to try to improve.

This year's roster:
-Amir Akbari 11th
-Robert Delgado 11th
-Adrian Marin 12th
-Giovanni Mejia 11th
-David Olea 11th
-Aaron Quijas 11th
-David Quijas 12th
-David Ramirez 11th
-Angel Salinas 10th
-Carlos Zuniga 10th

Coach Gomez invites girls to try-out for the upcoming girls' golf season, with practices starting in mid-July. Please contact Coach Gomez at