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Performing Arts Calendar
  • Hey guys! Come check out Romeo You Idiot...November 21st, 22nd, and 23rd! Don’t miss out....this isn’t your normal Romeo and Juliet. We’re taking it back to the 90’s!
  • “A play! A play on both your houses!” “Plague... plague on both your houses...”
  • Hey guys! Sorry we’ve been a little inactive for the last couple of weeks. Monday is over, and tomorrow is Tuesday, you know what that means? You can start looking forward to Friday! Cause we’re having “mandatory” (not really) family fun time!...
  • Happy Halloween from this bunch of colorful characters! 👻 🎃
  • Congratulations to all our performing groups at DTASC! With over 60+ school there.. we were able to snag 4th overall audition monologue! Everyone did absolutely amazing! Here’s to the next DTASC!💕 🎭
  • Rehearsal in progress for our next production! What kind of vibes is this giving you...? 😆🤔
  • 🎭Hoco 2019 🎭
  • Had so much fun seeing our amazing Choir Director @meestab at Performance Riverside in West Side Story! 💕
  • That’s a wrap! Thank you to everyone who came!! Hope you all enjoyed it. 😊
  • Come support and see our show! We have one more show tomorrow night at 7:00 pm it’s only $5. Don’t miss out!
  • FRESHMEN Don’t miss out! Come see our show tomorrow! It’s only $2 for you guys as long as you have your I.D. We promise you’ll enjoy it! ~ ~ ~ #rvhstheatre #theatre @ranchoverdelinkcrew @rvhs_mustangs @keepingupwithrancho @rvhsprincipal16
  • COMING THIS WEEK 🤩 “A Night at The Cabaret” Come enjoy your night at the cabaret with all our amusing performances. We’ll see you there!