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Logging on to a Chromebook

Logging on to a Chromebook:

Chromebook carts require the use of a VVUSD Google account. 

  • Username is:

  • Password is: 10-digit Permanent ID number (on ID card)
  • EXAMPLE: John Smith, DOB: 06/22/94
                      Perm ID: 2000054321

username:, password: 2000054321


  • Username is:

  • Password is: your current Windows desktop password
If you are unable to log on to a Chromebook with your staff account, you can:
Reset your own VVUSD Google password by resetting your desktop password. Once the desktop password is changed, it automatically syncs your Google password to match. Try manually resetting your desktop password (when logged onto computer, press CTRL+ALT+DEL, click Change password...), then check Google again.

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