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Reserving a Cart

Requests are taken on a 

first-come, first-served basis

. Please reserve only 2 full days per week, if possible. If you end up not needing to use the cart, contact the Library as soon as possible to cancel your request.

IMPORTANT: BEFORE having students use the Chromebooks, make sure all students have their usernames/passwords and are able to log in successfully. You can check their network account status/usernames/password by looking in Aeries, Student Info, under the "Network Login ID" field. >>More about Student Accounts

  1. Look at the current openings on the calendar for your department (see links to the left). Be sure to take note of what dates are available. You must reserve the cart for the entire day, not just for a period. For accountability purposes, carts are to be checked out to ONE TEACHER per day. That teacher is 100% responsible for the care/condition of the cart.
  2. Determine which specific date(s) you want (write them down, if necessary).
  3.  EMAIL Library with your requests. Please DO NOT try to modify the calendar. It is READ-ONLY.
  4. You will receive an email notification directly from Sharp School for your requests that are approved. The email will include a link that takes you directly to the calendar entry. Save this email for your reference.

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