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Google Chromebooks

over 2 years ago

Our campus offers twenty-three Google Chromebook carts for teachers to check out on a daily basis. Each cart contains 38 units for student use. Contact the Library to reserve one of these carts.


Logging on to a Chromebook:

Chromebooks require the use of a VVUSD Google account. 


  • Username is
  • Password is10-digit Permanent ID number (on ID card)
  • EXAMPLE: John Smith, DOB: 06/22/94
                      Perm ID: 2000054321

                username:, password: 2000054321


  • Username is
  • Password isyour current Windows desktop password

If you are unable to log on to a Chromebook with your staff account, you can:
Reset your own VVUSD Google password by resetting your desktop password. Once the desktop password is changed, it automatically syncs your Google password to match. Try manually resetting your desktop password (when logged onto computer, press CTRL+ALT+DEL, click Change password...), then check Google again.


Google Chromebook Tips:

  • Chromebooks are not Windows devices. They do not have Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Paint, etc.) installed. Instead, they have "Google Drive" apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Draw) that are "compatible" with Microsoft Office. Click for help with Google Drive.
  • Chromebooks are not to be logged on with students' personal Gmail accounts. Only district-issued Google accounts should be used.
  • Students can use USB flashdrives with the Chromebooks to store files "offline" (download); otherwise, all files will be saved to their Google Drive online "cloud" storage. All files saved to the Google Drive can also be accessed from any other device with access to the web (i.e. desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.). Students have 30GB of storage space for any non-Google Docs files (music, videos, pictures, PDFs, etc.). Google Doc files do not count toward the 30GB space limit in the student's Drive account.

Resources for how to use Chromebooks with your students:


Tech Support


over 2 years ago

WHAT IS STUDENTSHARE? A way for students to electronically submit assignments to you instead of handing the teacher a print-out, or hard-copy. Also, teachers can use this to distribute electronic files to students. Only available here on our network. Students cannot access from home.

How students access STUDENTSHARE
: They should go to their desktop and locate the shortcut > StudentShare, then find the appropriate folder as directed by the teacher. 

How Teachers access STUDENTSHARE
: Whatever computer you’re at has to be mapped to the network drive. Once you map to StudentShare, you shouldn’t have to do this again at that computer. 

To connect to StudentShare: 

1. Go to your Start menu 
2. Select Computer (on right side) 
3. Click on: map a network drive (near top of window, upper right-hand corner) 
4. Select an available letter from the drive letters in the drop-down menu 
5. In the Internet or Network address box, type: \srv-fps02\studentshare$
6. Complete the rest of setup. You now have StudentShare in your Computer menu. You can make a shortcut to it on your desktop or Documents. 
7. Within StudentShare, you can create your own folder/sub folders for students to drop work. Tell them it is DROP-only (even though it’s not). Students should be instructed not to go into the folder or try to open anyone else’s work. You should check the drop folder from your computer to verify that the work was transferred properly. 
8. You will need to demonstrate to students how to drag and drop files from their My Documents folder to the StudentShare Folder. They should not save directly to the StudentShare. They should only drag a COPY of their assignment into the drop folder.

Student Network Accounts

over 2 years ago

Student Network Accounts


Student User Agreement

  1. Complete a Student User Agreement. It must be signed by both you AND your PARENT/GUARDIAN.
  2. Submit form to Ms. Crozier in the Guidance Office, before school, lunch, or after school. After your network agreement is processed, obtain an ID card printed with the "N" code to indicate that you have submitted the "N"etwork agreement.
  3. Your account will be activated and ready to use within 7-10 days of submitting the form.
  4. To log on to any school computer you will need a username & password.
  5. If you have any account problems, questions, or need assistance with your existing account, please visit your Teacher Techs.

Usernames & Passwords

Your USERNAME will always be:

your first name + . + first three letters of your last name + birth month + birth day

Example: John Smith, DOB: 5/23/96--------> username: john.smi0523

Your PASSWORD will always be:

the last eight digits of your permanent ID number (on your ID card)

OR it may be the entire 10 digits of your permanent ID number


over 2 years ago

RVHS Printing Policy for Teachers & Students


Adding Your Networked Printer

How to Add Your Printer

Toner Replacements

Toner replacements can be ordered when your current cartridge is at 10% or less remaining ink.

To place an order, contact your Teacher Techs and/or Principal's Secretary.

- You must provide the following information for your order to be processed:

  • Your room number
  • The brand & model of your printer (e.g. Xerox Phaser 4500)
  • The Image Source serial number (e.g. MXX123456)

- Toner is delivered in approximately 1-3 days to the front office.

- Conserve ink as much as possible (limit = 1 toner per school year); Use the print shop when possible.

Printing Problems

- Paper jams, error lights, offline printers, etc.? = Contact your Teacher Techs

Error Light Guide:

  • Flashing red: Your toner has reached 10% or less. Place the toner order (see above)
  • Solid red: Out of paper and/or 0% ink remaining
  • Solid Orange: Paper jam or hardware malfunction
  • Green: Good to go (if you still can't print with a green light, ask for assistance)
  • No light: Printer is off. Flip the power switch, usually located on left side of printer


Computer Lab Reservations

5 months ago

Available Computer Labs

Our campus offers:

  • Two computer labs for teachers to take students during instructional time in the 700s.
  • Library computers for student use, before school, lunches, and after school.
  • College & Career Center computers for college-and-career-related research and resources.

Reserving Lab Time

To reserve computer lab for your students:

An up-to-the-minute lab schedule is available to view on this website. Requests are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. The labs to be utilized for check-out are located in rooms 700s for all teachers. Please reserve only 2-3 full days per week, if possible. If you end up not needing to use the lab, contact your Teacher Techs as soon as possible.

IMPORTANTBEFORE bringing students to the computer lab, make sure all students have their usernames/passwords and are able to log in successfully. Request for your Teacher Tech to enable new accounts BEFORE taking them to the lab. If the student’s ID card already has an “N” under their schedule, then they have submitted the network agreement and they are authorized to use the computers. You may also check their network account status by looking in Aeries, Student Info, under the "User Code 5" field for the "N."

  1.  Look at the current openings on the calendar. Be sure to take note of what periods are available.
  2. Determine which specific dates and periods you want (write them down, if necessary).        
  3. EMAIL Teacher Techs with your requests. Please DO NOT try to modify the calendar. It is READ-ONLY.
  4. You will receive a prompt response as to whether or not your requests can and will be accommodated.


Outlook (E-Mail)

over 2 years ago

Creating a Distribution List

Creating an E-Mail Signature

  1. In MS Outlook, go to File > Options > Mail
  2. Under "Create or modify signatures for messages", click on Signatures...
  3. In the E-Mail Signature tab, click New, and type in a name for the signature (i.e. Work, Home, etc.)
  4. In the textbox, type your signature (i.e. Name, Title, School, Phone Extension, etc.)
  5. Use the tools to choose your desired fonts, colors, & other formatting
  6. Insert a photo or hyperlink, if desired
  7. Click the Save button to save the signature
  8. Assign your default signature for both new messages and replies/forwards

Cleaning Out Large Files

Blocking Senders

Syncing Mail to Your iPhone, Android, Tablet (or non-VVUSD iPad)

How to Sync iPhone/Android/Smart Phone/Tablet, etc. with Outlook:

(steps 1 through 3 may vary, depending on your device)


  • From your starting screen, go to your Settings menu
  • Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendar >
  • Under Accounts, select Add Account…>
  • Select Microsoft Exchange
  • Enter:
    • Your full email address (
    • Domain (
    • Username (firstinitiallastname)
    • Password (whatever your most current password is)
    • Description is optional
  • Press Next button
  • Enter the server name:
  • Finish the remaining menu(s).
  • This set-up process will also sync calendar(s) and contacts if you opt to do so.

After set-up, you should begin receiving notifications on your main mail app. It may take several minutes for all of your mail/data to load onto the device.


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Password Resets

over 2 years ago

Staff Password Resets


Network Computer Account

Contact Teacher Techs
OR see How to Reset Your Password from the VVUSD Web Site


Contact Teacher Techs OR

- Contact IT Help Line, ext.10123


Contact Teacher Techs


Contact IT Help Line, ext.10123

Google Apps

You reset your own Google Apps password by resetting your desktop password. Once the desktop password is changed, it automatically syncs your Google password to match. Try manually resetting your desktop password (when logged onto computer, press CTRL+ALT+DEL, click Change password...), then check Google again.
Or, contact Teacher Techs


Web Site Creation

over 2 years ago

Teaching with Technology

5 months ago

By Subject:

Math | English | Science | History | Arts | Languages | CTE | Health & P.E.

General Teaching Resources:

Textbook Links | Online Services | Teaching Tools

[Move your mouse pointer over each link to view a brief description of each site.]





Online Math Games:


Math Tools:




Video Tutorials:

Online Publication:

Language Tools:

Reading & Writing Tools:




General Science

Science Tools:










US History:


Visual Arts:

Video (Various Topics) :

Career Exploration:


Computer Applications:

Web Design:



Learning Language (various):

Word Pronunciations:

Vocabulary Enrichment:


English Lang. Acquisition

Pictorial Word Meanings:

Writing Tools:


News & Video:





College & Career:

Library Catalogs:

Reference Materials:

Online Presentation Tools

Educational Videos (All Subjects):

General Use Sites:


Many of the resources listed on this page are from one of them most excellent blogs I have come across for teaching with technology: The list above will continue to be updated on a regular basis. Check back for updates!