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Outlook (E-Mail)

Creating a Distribution List

Creating an E-Mail Signature

  1. In MS Outlook, go to File > Options > Mail
  2. Under "Create or modify signatures for messages", click on Signatures...
  3. In the E-Mail Signature tab, click New, and type in a name for the signature (i.e. Work, Home, etc.)
  4. In the textbox, type your signature (i.e. Name, Title, School, Phone Extension, etc.)
  5. Use the tools to choose your desired fonts, colors, & other formatting
  6. Insert a photo or hyperlink, if desired
  7. Click the Save button to save the signature
  8. Assign your default signature for both new messages and replies/forwards

Cleaning Out Large Files

Blocking Senders

Syncing Mail to Your iPhone, Android, Tablet (or non-VVUSD iPad)

How to Sync iPhone/Android/Smart Phone/Tablet, etc. with Outlook:

(steps 1 through 3 may vary, depending on your device)


  • From your starting screen, go to your Settings menu
  • Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendar >
  • Under Accounts, select Add Account…>
  • Select Microsoft Exchange
  • Enter:
    • Your full email address (
    • Domain (
    • Username (firstinitiallastname)
    • Password (whatever your most current password is)
    • Description is optional
  • Press Next button
  • Enter the server name:
  • Finish the remaining menu(s).
  • This set-up process will also sync calendar(s) and contacts if you opt to do so.

After set-up, you should begin receiving notifications on your main mail app. It may take several minutes for all of your mail/data to load onto the device.


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