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RVHS Printing Policy for Teachers & Students


Adding Your Networked Printer

How to Add Your Printer

Toner Replacements

Toner replacements can be ordered when your current cartridge is at 10% or less remaining ink.

To place an order, contact your Teacher Techs and/or Principal's Secretary.

- You must provide the following information for your order to be processed:

  • Your room number
  • The brand & model of your printer (e.g. Xerox Phaser 4500)
  • The Image Source serial number (e.g. MXX123456)

- Toner is delivered in approximately 1-3 days to the front office.

- Conserve ink as much as possible (limit = 1 toner per school year); Use the print shop when possible.

Printing Problems

- Paper jams, error lights, offline printers, etc.? = Contact your Teacher Techs

Error Light Guide:

  • Flashing red: Your toner has reached 10% or less. Place the toner order (see above)
  • Solid red: Out of paper and/or 0% ink remaining
  • Solid Orange: Paper jam or hardware malfunction
  • Green: Good to go (if you still can't print with a green light, ask for assistance)
  • No light: Printer is off. Flip the power switch, usually located on left side of printer


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