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WHAT IS STUDENTSHARE? A way for students to electronically submit assignments to you instead of handing the teacher a print-out, or hard-copy. Also, teachers can use this to distribute electronic files to students. Only available here on our network. Students cannot access from home.

How students access STUDENTSHARE
: They should go to their desktop and locate the shortcut > StudentShare, then find the appropriate folder as directed by the teacher. 

How Teachers access STUDENTSHARE
: Whatever computer you’re at has to be mapped to the network drive. Once you map to StudentShare, you shouldn’t have to do this again at that computer. 

To connect to StudentShare: 

1. Go to your Start menu 
2. Select Computer (on right side) 
3. Click on: map a network drive (near top of window, upper right-hand corner) 
4. Select an available letter from the drive letters in the drop-down menu 
5. In the Internet or Network address box, type: \srv-fps02\studentshare$
6. Complete the rest of setup. You now have StudentShare in your Computer menu. You can make a shortcut to it on your desktop or Documents. 
7. Within StudentShare, you can create your own folder/sub folders for students to drop work. Tell them it is DROP-only (even though it’s not). Students should be instructed not to go into the folder or try to open anyone else’s work. You should check the drop folder from your computer to verify that the work was transferred properly. 
8. You will need to demonstrate to students how to drag and drop files from their My Documents folder to the StudentShare Folder. They should not save directly to the StudentShare. They should only drag a COPY of their assignment into the drop folder.

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