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Google Chromebooks

Our campus offers twenty-three Google Chromebook carts for teachers to check out on a daily basis. Each cart contains 38 units for student use. Contact the Library to reserve one of these carts.


Logging on to a Chromebook:

Chromebooks require the use of a VVUSD Google account. 


  • Username is
  • Password is10-digit Permanent ID number (on ID card)
  • EXAMPLE: John Smith, DOB: 06/22/94
                      Perm ID: 2000054321

                username:, password: 2000054321


  • Username is
  • Password isyour current Windows desktop password

If you are unable to log on to a Chromebook with your staff account, you can:
Reset your own VVUSD Google password by resetting your desktop password. Once the desktop password is changed, it automatically syncs your Google password to match. Try manually resetting your desktop password (when logged onto computer, press CTRL+ALT+DEL, click Change password...), then check Google again.


Google Chromebook Tips:

  • Chromebooks are not Windows devices. They do not have Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Paint, etc.) installed. Instead, they have "Google Drive" apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Draw) that are "compatible" with Microsoft Office. Click for help with Google Drive.
  • Chromebooks are not to be logged on with students' personal Gmail accounts. Only district-issued Google accounts should be used.
  • Students can use USB flashdrives with the Chromebooks to store files "offline" (download); otherwise, all files will be saved to their Google Drive online "cloud" storage. All files saved to the Google Drive can also be accessed from any other device with access to the web (i.e. desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.). Students have 30GB of storage space for any non-Google Docs files (music, videos, pictures, PDFs, etc.). Google Doc files do not count toward the 30GB space limit in the student's Drive account.

Resources for how to use Chromebooks with your students:


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